About Us

Illaroo Co-operative Aboriginal Corporation was established and incorporated in 1982 as a non-profit organisation, Nine years later ICAC established Rose Mumbler Village (RMV) Aboriginal Hostel; to provide “Culturally Appropriate & Acceptable” Quality Care by providing permanent accommodation for elderly Aboriginal couples or individuals we provide short term (respite) and long term care.

In 2001 ICAC was successful in obtaining 25 Aboriginal Specific Community Aged Care Packages to cater for the needs of the Aged Aboriginal Community Members, who wished to remain within their own homes preventing premature admission to residential care facilities; three years later ICAC established Shoalhaven Aboriginal Aged & Disability Care Service through additional funds from the Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care to provide community services to frail aged, younger people with disabilities and their carers now known as the Multi Service Outlet. We are hoping over time to expand all our services and in particular our residential care placements within RMV.

At this time, please note that the community packages are arranged under Home Care Program and the Commonwealth Home Support Program as well as NDIS services.


To be recognised as a leader in the provision of “Person-centred, Culturally Appropriate” Quality Care, for Frail Aged, people with disabilities and their respected carer.


  • To provide temporary and permanent accommodation for elderly Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal couples or individuals.
  • To employ such staff as is necessary to fulfill the requirements of ICAC policies.
  • To provide comprehensive caring through programs which include: Residential care, Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Program, Case Management & Social Support, Ageing in place, NDIS client services.


RMV in accordance with the Vision and Mission statements will:

  • Provide services according to evidence based practice, international best practice and benchmarking standards;
  • Be a best practice employer;
  • Provide culturally sensitive services;
  • Meet the requirements of State and Australian Government Standards and Legislation;
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment;
  • Involve the community in the development of services;
  • Be responsive to the diversity and changing needs of the community; and
  • Be fearless advocates for the community.