Home Care Package Fee Schedule

Service typeUnitStandard rateSaturdaySundayPublic HolidayEvening rate + (6pm-6am)
In-Home Care & SupportPer hour$68$99$113$140$90
In-Home Care & SupportPer half-hour$53$69$79$99$63
NursingPer hour$116$165$188$234$152
Personal CarePer hour$68$99$113$140$90
Cleaning & Household TasksPer hour$68$99$113$140$90
TransportPer hour$68$99$113$140$90
TravelPer Km$1.25
Social Groups*Per day$112
Cost per FortnightLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Care Management
(Fully managed by Illaroo)
Package Management$59$104$227$343
Basic Daily Fee$0$0$0$0

* These rates apply to Illaroo’s Home Care Package clients attending one of Illaroo’s Social or Cultural events

+ These are the Monday to Friday evening rates (non-standard hours). Public Holidays are excluded.
This Fee Schedule does not apply to self-managed clients.

Commonwealth Home Support Program Fee Schedule

Service TypeUnitCHSP subsidised
Social Group – Cultural centre
(Transport included)
Per Day$10
Social Support (Individual)$10
Personal Care$10
Domestic Assistance (2hr visit)Per Visit$10
Transport (within 20km)N/A
Meals ServicePer MealMain / Dessert: $10
Allied HealthNo charge
Home Modifications (less than $1000)OT Referral /QuoteNo charge
Home MaintenancePer lawn mowing$10
Goods and EquipmentOT Referral / QuoteGeneral cap of $1000 per client per year

Fees are applied pro-rata when part hour services are provided.
Illaroo aims to be flexible in our service provision, however we also have a responsibility to our staff.
Cancellations must be notified by 12.00pm the day prior to avoid a cancellation fee being charged.